Roster Management Made Simple for Players and Administrators

No platform is easier for captains to build rosters, re-create old teams and view available Free Agents. At their fingertips is simple communication between teammates, opponents, and league admins alike – manual scoring, social sharing, and organizing for players to enjoy play.

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How League Linq makes organizing your team easy?

Request players for your team with a click of button. Email, text, mobile app or social invite to build a strong team. Building a brand-new team, copying a previous squad, and managing player payments is all accessible to you whether you are playing in a league for the first time or joining a League Linq member account. Your credentials go with you across all Linq platform partners.

Mobile App (Ease of communication between teammates and opponents/all of league for forfeit/No-Shows, Manual Scoring, Updated standings, Free Agents)

View Team Status (Confirmed/Unconfirmed/Waitlist, Payments, Schedules/game reminders/locations)

Copy roster Settings (Pull from a list of players you have previously played with on any League Linq team)

Team communication with the click of a button. Easily message with one or more players on the roster.

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"Our switch to League Linq couldn't have been easier, or come at a better time. Our players were looking for a simpler way to manage their team. League Linq has everything we need that a season long schedule can throw at you."

Steve Elling

Adult Soccer League Coordinator

Elevate Your Sports Programs

League Management

There are a lot of intricacies that occur during a sports season. Where it's moving schedules, getting fill in players and subs, collecting payment or more. League Linq helps you accomplish it all.


Whether you have a free league or need to collect payment. Collecting registration (team, player, free agents), League Linq makes it's easy to set up your league with unique settings.


Switch between clubs and organizations with the click of a button. A unique feature and experience specific to League Linq.


Run a lot of tournaments? All inside one app, where players don't need to download a new app, League Linq can handle all your weekend tournaments.


Need to display or announce your sponsorships that help keep your sports leagues running? League Linq give you the ability to showcase the brands you partner with.

Mobile App

It's never been easier to download one app to make all your team, roster, and player moves. The league Linq app allows you to switch organization profiles with the click of a button.

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