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A full suite of tools to manage your adult sport rec leagues from beginning to end. 

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Hands-on "White Glove Support Onboarding"

We not only make switching leagues easy, we even set up your future leagues too! That’s right, ongoing support for league creation, scheduling and more.

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With it’s ease of use and user friendly navigation, League Linq is the top choice for adult sport players.

sport league creation

You build the league you want

All in-one League Management Platform

Custom Team Set Up


Automated Playoff Bracket

Team Waitlist

Free Agents & Subs

Live Captain Scoring

Multi Location Setup

Waiver Collection

Set Up in Minutes

Elevate Your Sports Programs


League Linq offers a full league management platform at no cost to the club organizers. We only make money when you make money, it's that simple. Schedule a demo to learn more.


Whether you have a free league or need to collect payment. Collecting registration (team, player, free agents), League Linq makes it's easy to set up your league with unique settings.


Switch between clubs and organizations with the click of a button. A unique feature and experience specific to League Linq.


Run a lot of tournaments? All inside one app, where players don't need to download a new app, League Linq can handle all your weekend tournaments.


Need to display or announce your sponsorships that help keep your sports leagues running? League Linq give you the ability to showcase the brands you partner with.

Mobile App

It's never been easier to download one app to make all your team, roster, and player moves. The league Linq app allows you to switch organization profiles with the click of a button.

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